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    Nollywood Actress, Chizzy Alichi Demolishes Her Parents Mud House And Builds A Mansion For Them (Photos)

    Nollywood actress, Alichi, builds a mansion for her parents she shared the news on her instagram handle with the caption below;

    People have always refer to me as “mgbeke” (local girl) that I dont know fashion or carry designer bags/shoes/clothes
    That I don’t wear expensive hair. Well my darlings I do know and want to wear those things but I have been saving for this building right here. I can’t remember d last time my family travelled for Xmas because their is no house to stay. My mother falls sick whenever she goes for August meeting and comes back. My father wanted to sell half of our compound to fix d leaking roof, buy ceiling and also patch the broken wall but I told him No. ( PAPA I WILL BUILD HOUSE FOR YOU) after saving for sometime, I wanted to use the money to buy myself another car (A bigger car) but I said to myself, what’s d need for d car when we don’t have roof over our head in d village moreover the car I have is still in good condition and serves me well, I can always buy another one later. Today am grateful to Almight God that it came to pass. My parents are d happiest ppl on earth. 4 masters bedroom, extra 2 toilets, kitchen, dinning and palour. God is the Greatest.


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    Tonto Dikeh Undergoes Plastic Surgery, Reveals She Has Been Extremely Ashamed Of Her Body


    Nollywood actress and mother of one Tonto Dikeh has made a shocking revelation in a trailer for her new reality show, King Tonto.

    The beautiful thespian revealed in the promo clip exclusive to Linda Ikeji TV that she was really ashamed of her body. She said;

    “My body has been something that I have always been extremely ashamed of”

    See video more photos from the surgery below and some reactions…

    Talented Samuel Agu This lady is under spiritual influence, No blame Churchill for leaving her, Her demon is just exactly the type that makes Ghanians n some mumu Nigerians to be dancing one corner.

    Daphne Legemah Never allow anyone to bodyshame you, appreciate yourself,be yourself,have your own comfort zone, don’t try to look like others, cos you are who God created you to be

    Victoria Harbosedey Michael This is how we lost Stella obasanjo saying obasanjo used her for voodoo,this is another lunatic in disguise of human trailing on d path of death

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    Picture of Bobrisky being thrown over the gate by police after he was arrested last month


    In November, reports about Bobrisky arrest went viral, with many laughing and mocking the cross-dresser, and self-acclaimed King of Snapchat.

    Pictures were quickly shared on Social Media, and trust folks on Social Media to troll him..

    Now, here’s the thing, Recall in November also, Bobrisky’s former gateman, Jacob reacted to his oga’s arrest and said they threw Bobrisky over the gate, because the gate was locked, after he went to buy cocacola and groundnuts.

    In Jacob words, he said;

    “I was not around when the police came to the house to arrest my Oga. I went to buy coke and groundnut. One of our neighbours told me they beat him up and threw him over the gate because I locked it before I left! My Oga asked me not to talk anymore please leave me alone!”

    Of course, many people didn’t believe Jacob… and Now a picture of Bobrisky “being thrown over the gate” has emerged, and it was shared by Tunde Ednut who wrote;

    “3 WEEKS AGO WHEN BOBRISKY WAS ARRESTED. I HAD THIS PICTURE “EXCLUSIVE” TO ME ON THE DAY HE GOT ARRESTED, BUT I DIDN’T JUST WANNA POST IT, BUT OH WELL THIS IS IT – This was how he was handcuffed and bundled out his “rented” personal house. Jacob locked the gate from outside, they had no choice but to bundle him over the fence. He was not allowed to carry his SNAPCHAT FILTER over the fence. He came on social media to lie to us that it was a lie, he was never handcuffed, he was only taken to Abuja for questioning. He should stop lying. TAG YOUR FRIENDS TO SEE THIS. #StopTheLiesBobrisky #SameBlackJeans”

    Picture of Bobrisky’s House.
    Picture of Bobrisky’s House.

    Tunde Ednut is reacting to the fact that Bobrisky has been lying about Jacob on Social Media… Earlier today, MC Galaxy shared a video of his visit to Jacob’s Father in Jos, where he revealed that indeed Jacob’s father is ill, and his leg is about to get amputated.

    MC Galaxy didn’t leave Jos, until he blessed Jacob with N300,000, and promised to pay him the 6-months salary bobrisky is owing him.

    Watch the video below


    PART 1:

    PART 2:

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    WTH?! Guy Sets Up Beautiful Lady For His Girlfriend & Her Gang To Beat Up So He Can Prove His Love For His Girlfriend. (VIDEO)

    A new video that has caused an outrage on social media shows a lady being physically assaulted by another lady and her gang…

    The assaulted lady was set up by a guy who she presumably had feelings for and so, he set up a meeting with her and in course of this, allowed his girlfriend assault the lady so he can prove his loyalty to his girlfriend.

    People have been outraged about what the guy and his so-called girlfriend did to the innocent young girl and have called for authorities to deal with them for physically assaulting the girl.

    The Lady who was assaulted!

    Judging from comments picked on Social media, it’s speculated that the guy promised the girl some money, so he asked her to come visit him at home only for the girl to get to his house to be beaten by his real girlfriend and friends.


    In the video, his girlfriend is heard asking;

    What are you doing here? Don’t you know he’s my boyfriend?–She then slaps the girl

    The young girl who was surprised and in shock replies; “Oh he’s just my friend and I came to visit him

    Watch the video below:



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    Is Having A Big Pénis – An Achievement For A Man?

    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Guess you all are doing great at your various end there?

    This is a quick one, no time to sweat or waste my strength in typing any long story… I met some guys at the Barbing salon this morning discussing of how grateful a man should be if he’s lucky to have a big d!ck 😳

    Like seriously?

    Guys – Is having a Big Pen!s an Achievement or a Curse?

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    Pretty Little Girl With K-Leg Full Of Smiles After Undergoing Corrective Surgery (Photos)


    A non-governmental organization, Mercy Ships has shared lovely photos of a young girl with K-leg who recently had a successful corrective surgery.

    The photos shared on its page shows the little girl identified as Esther all smiles as she attempts to walk after the surgery. The little girl has now been given a glimmer of hope to take the world by storm.

    Sharing the good news, Mercy Ships wrote: “Esther and her mother plan on celebrating when she finally arrives home after 2 and a half months with the #AfricaMercy! After weeks of rehab, Esther now steps into the life she was supposed to live:

     We’ll all be dancing when we get home, and now my Esther will finally be able to join in like she’s always wanted to!”—Esther’s mother, Mable.

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